Fly Angling Hampshire


These are my recollections of my very first introduction to fly fishing in Hampshire on the River Examination yet let me very first discuss … … I caught my initial brownish trout in a stream at the rear of our home referred to as Crimple Beck in Burn Bridge Nr Harrogate in North Yorkshire with a red worm at the age of four on a one item solid fibreglass pole that had actually belonged to my father.

When I was seven I caught my very first brown trout whilst fly fishing on the River Coquet at Felton in Northumberland where my grandparents lived as well as where I spent all my college vacations. I fly fished virtually daily in the easter and summertime institution vacations on this river however likewise on the River Nidd in North Yorkshire.


As a teenager my grandparents sent me Trout as well as Salmon magazine each month which I check out from the front to back cover paying particular attention to any type of posts about chalk stream fly fishing.

It was a desire as well as an aspiration of mine to, eventually, go fly angling for brown trout on a chalk stream and also at the age of forty 9 that dream happened thanks to the generosity of my other half Anne as well as children John as well as Adam.

Through Orvis, that are a fishing tools store, they scheduled me to have a day’s fly angling in Hampshire on the globe popular River Examine on the Timsbury 5 stretch. As if the gift can not obtain any kind of better-the date they had chosen was during the Mayfly season!

We came to the fly angling beat, to which we had unique use, car park the auto near the fishing lodge which was furnished with table, chairs, cooker, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, red wine, mineral water, cheese as well as fruit-luxury fly fishing in Hampshire! The stretch was about a third of a mile of the major River Check with about four hundred backyards of a tributary which almost ran alongside the major river. The bankside had been mown-yes mown. The water was transparent in spite of it having rained with this stretch being mostly slow-moving streaming. The skies was overcast with tiny hatches of Mayfly as well as a couple of brown trout rising throughout the day. The weeds which I understand they cut monthly were clearly visible and also it was thrilling to view some specimen brown trout swimming in this beautiful stretch.

I additionally spent time fly fishing on the much faster running tributary and captured 2 brown trout which, having put up an exceptional fight, I went back to the water. My other half as well as boy John likewise did some fly fishing using my take on as well as Anne captured a grayling.

I mostly fished utilizing a dry fly however occassionaly utilized nymphs.

In the early evening the clouds broke and the sunlight appeared causing further hatches of Mayfly on this exquisite stretch of the River Test which provided idealic fly fishing in Hampshire.

The day was most memorable for us all- I have never ever experienced fly fishing like it!

Reluctantly we had to leave but we will certainly be back fly fishing once more in Hampshire-perhaps next time we will try the River Itchen.

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